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People often ask me how to share Christ with a person they’ve known may years, but with whom they have never discussed spiritual things. Let me make three suggestions.

  1. Bring up Christ in a conversation. Remember that honesty really is the best policy. Because of your friendship, you can say, “Something concerns me. I consider you a good friend, yet I have never spoken to you about the most important Person in my life and the most important decision I have ever made. But because of how much I value our friendship, I would love to talk with you about it.” Then begin to share your testimony.
  2. Invite him to a special service at your church or some kind of special outreach event. Most likely, he won’t be surprised and, depending on where he is spiritually, he may even be excited to attend.
  3. Bring up topics such as prayer, the Bible, church, the future, etc. Then see if there’s any response from your friend. Sometimes even a simple phrase can ease a conversation toward spiritual things. Consider saying, “I’ve been praying about…” You may be surprised to find some interest.

As you try the above suggestions, keep praying for boldness. Don’t let the lost opportunities of your years of friendship hold you back. Pray and do what you need to do now.

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