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Being raised on a dairy farm gives you a good work ethic. Dairy farming is just plain hard work. I have been asked though, “How have you maintained a good work ethic?”

  1. Do what you enjoy. Since I love evangelistic ministry so much, it often feels like I have never worked a day in my life for the past 44 years! Sure, ministry is very tiring and trying at times, but seeing people come to Christ makes the “work mindset” disappear.
  2. Enjoy your vacations. They are essential in keeping physically and spiritually refreshed. Everyone needs time to just get away. That’s why in addition to a week vacation in the summer with my dear wife, I take time to hunt in the fall. Absolutely nothing relaxes and refreshes me (even when I am making a strenuous climb to the top of a high mountain) like hunting. That break away with no phone calls coming in and no appointments on my calendar keeps me refreshed and keeps the energy there that a good work ethic demands.
  3. Maintain your spiritual relationship with the Lord. To keep a good work ethic, it is important not to disregard the spiritual element involved. The spiritual and the physical are sometimes related more than we realize. Spend part of each day in personal prayer and Bible study.
  4. Stay in good physical condition. Too many as they get older neglect physical exercise or indulge in junk food, and it takes a toll on their work ethic. How can you work hard when you consistently feel tired due to being out of shape? Running and now speed walking (per my doctor’s request to protect my joints) has played a huge factor in maintaining a strong work ethic.

I don’t mean to be cute in saying this—just honest—to maintain a good work ethic you have to work at it!

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