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Throughout the past years, people have said to me, “The Lord has used you to build a ministry that is now impacting millions. What has kept you from becoming prideful about that?”

Years ago a board member said to me, “Don't forget that the Lord who gave you the gift could also take it away." His point was profound: just because God has used me and is using me now doesn't mean He would continue to use me if I became prideful. Since I love the ministry, the board member’s caution impacted me greatly. I would never want God to stop using me to do what I love to do—lead people to Christ. God has used that simple comment to remind me that He could've used anyone, but He chose to use me. I don’t want that privilege to ever change. I want my life to count eternally. If I walk in humble gratitude, it won’t. If I become prideful, though, I forget that it is only through God that anything happens: “Without me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5). I open myself up to no longer being used the same way. Satan has destroyed the effectiveness of many of God’s servants through the tool of pride. I continually pray that I do not become one of them.

When I think about EvanTell, I don’t lazily crawl out of bed in the morning. I jump out of bed! I am so excited to do what I do. If I remain humbly grateful, I know God will continue to use me. I pray He never stops.

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