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As I have trained believers in evangelism, I’ve met those who try so hard to reach a particular unbeliever with no results. They know they shouldn’t give up, but out of desperation they feel like it.

That’s where the stories of a traveling evangelist serve as an encouragement, particularly as I reference those who came to Christ when others deemed it impossible. Our God can get through to people in ways beyond what we could ever imagine!

For example, I met an avowed atheist who got very upset when somebody suggested he denied God’s existence out of anger toward God. In reality, this person sincerely believed there was no God and was convinced nothing would ever change his mind. He did not try to disprove God because in his mind, “Why try to disprove someone who is not even there?” Everyone who knew him was convinced he would never change.

Bit by bit, though, God caused one thought after another to come to his mind, which made him question whether he was right. Months later he trusted Christ.

So, when it seems hopeless, I encourage people to think of one person like the one above. God can reach the person for whom they are burdened the same way He reached somebody else that nobody thought would ever come to Christ.

If they do not know of such a person, I always encourage them to do a thorough study of Acts, chapters 8 and 9—the conversion of Saul, who “made havoc of the church, entering every house, and dragging off men and women, committing them to prison” (Acts 8:3).

I honestly believe it would have been difficult to find even one believer who could see such a person coming to Christ. But on that Damascus Road, God brought him to the Savior. I remind believers, “Think of Saul who became Paul the apostle, and then recognize if God could save him, he can save anyone.

Don’t give up on anybody, anywhere. Think of what God has done in someone else’s life and realize until a person dies, there is reason to hope and believe he will come to Christ.

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