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As our country moves forward from the horrific mass shooting in June, we shouldn’t ignore where it took place: a gay nightclub. Believers—the church—now have a unique opportunity to examine our hearts toward the homosexual community. When I stop to observe our response in the last years, two observations deeply grieve me.

First, some churches are openly accepting homosexuality, presenting it as Biblically sanctioned somehow. I'm convinced that these leaders are often doing so in order to be culturally relevant and politically correct. It’s sometimes easier to glide over an issue as not to alienate the very ones we want to reach. The Bible, however, is clear. Homosexuality is a sin before God, and it is intolerable in His sight (Romans 1:24–32). We must call homosexuality what it is: sin.

Second, some churches are treating homosexuality as the sin. Many ask, "How do I witness to a homosexual?" My response is, "The same way you would witness to anyone else!" There is no grounds to treat another person’s sins as greater than our own. Yes, homosexuality is a sin, but so is lying, cheating, hating, having sex outside of marriage, or even just thinking ideas below God’s standard of perfection (Matthew 15:18–19). We must approach the LGBT community with a heart that emphasizes not, “Christ died for you", but instead "Christ died for us." We sin, too. Our sin is devastating to a holy God, too. Our weaknesses may not be homosexuality, but to our perfect Lord, sin is sin.

Let's walk forward into this season by lovingly reaching out to homosexuals—and everyone else—with what they need most: the Biblical gospel of grace.

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