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You have often expressed your desire to be a “lifelong learner.” What lessons have you learned lately?


Leaders are learners. If you stop learning, you stop leading. Sometimes the things that you learn are things you’ve known, but the older you get they are brought home to you in a fresh way.

Recently they are:

1. God will persistently and consistently develop us in the areas where we are the weakest. Otherwise, we cannot be the Christ-like people He wants us to be. For example, when I first started in ministry, my goal was to devote as much time as possible to the ministry. Later on, I realized the importance of being balanced in how I allocate my hours, leaving adequate time for family, friends, and rest.

2. The sovereignty of God properly understood should always be a comfort, but wrongly used becomes an excuse. By this I mean that although God is in sovereign control of the world, He expects us to follow after Him doing the work of evangelism and ministry under His leadership and by His provision.

3. A huge temptation in life is to live for men’s approval. But ultimately the ONLY approval that matters is His. This particularly pertains to the area of speaking. I constantly ask myself, “Am I seeking the applause of people or of God?” Also, before every sermon, I confess my dependence on the Lord to speak through me and my desire to bring Him glory, which is His alone.

(Editor's Note: The picture above shows Larry, along with an interpreter, conducting a training in Serbia in 2002. This Legacy article was adapted from an interview with Larry in May 2016. The full interview may be read here.)

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