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I’m often asked about how I handle the weariness in traveling. People wonder if I ever get tired of it. Not yet! I love to speak to different people in different places. Since they can’t all come to me, I go to them. But I would add two things:

First, I make a point to come home. I do not enjoy being away for long stretches of time. Therefore, I come home after a few days or at the most five days.  Even if I come home for two days before beginning five days away, I prefer that quick turnaround to long stretches away. That is why I enjoy weekend ministry. I leave on Saturday and am back on Monday!

Second, I also make a point to keep in good physical shape. Traveling is physically demanding. There’s no getting around that fact. By running several miles a day, I am able to keep in shape and have the energy needed for travel.

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