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Some time ago, someone asked me a surprising and interesting question, “You have been in evangelism for more than 45 years. Have you ever tired of doing the same thing and thought of doing something else?”

My answer was, “Not once.” And I have had some interesting invitations, from being president of an educational institution, pastoring a sizable church, and heading up another non-profit association. I honestly did not even have to pray about those. I am absolutely convinced apart from something that God knows and I don’t, He wants me to remain just where I am. And I have seen nothing more exciting for two reasons.

First, I don’t know of anything more exciting than seeing lives transformed right before your eyes:

  • A drug addict finds victory for the first time.
  • A person with suicidal thoughts finds purpose in living.
  • Marriages are restored.
  • A prisoner finds freedom on the inside of a jail.
  • Those overcome with the fear of death now anticipate that moment when life here ends and life in His presence begins.

The list goes on and on. God’s stories can’t be beat.

Second, I want my life to count for something eternal. Nothing is more eternal than seeing people’s eternal address changed from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.

Are there disappointments? Of course. Discouragements? Sometimes weekly. But there has never been the temptation to leave what I am doing. I feel I am a blessed man. As I have told many, “Some get out of bed. I jump out of bed! Excited to see another day in anticipation of what God is going to do.”

Editor's Note: The above picture of Larry and his family was taken April 24,1998 at EvanTell's 25th Anniversary Celebration.

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