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Sometimes it seems that the older a person becomes, the less likely he is to trust Christ. Because of this, some see elderly people as the most difficult to reach, but I disagree.

We often don’t see more elderly people come to Christ because we as Christians don’t go after them! The church generally spends a lot of its time and resources to reach children and youth and rightly so. After all, if you reach people in their younger years, they have an entire lifetime to live for Christ. I urge you, though, that we should not do that at the expense of reaching older people. The gospel is for people of all ages. God simply says, “Come” because He desires the young, elderly, middle-aged, and everyone else!

If people do not come to Christ in their youth, they are sometimes not interested in spiritual things as they enter their mid-life years. In essence, they feel like they are too busy to think about “those things.” At that point in their lives, they have their children to raise, homes to upkeep, jobs to maintain, businesses to start, school activities to manage, parents to care for, and a host of other things. They can also think, “There’s no need to think about all that right now.” Although they would admit that death can strike at any moment, they sometimes see death as something that happens to the other person.

All of a sudden, though, they become 60 or 70 years old. Now death is not 50 years away. It’s no longer something that happens to the other person. They see many obituaries in the paper for people relatively close to their age. There’s a profound perspective change. They are then more interested in God than they have been for a number of years!

If you had the time, I could keep you for several hours, giving you testimony after testimony to what I’m saying. To give one example, an older man was diagnosed with cancer and knew he did not have long to live. He had always been a self-professed atheist. A friend of mine walked in his hospital room and said to him, “Would you like to know beyond any doubt that you’re going to heaven?” The man said, “I sure would.” Right there my friend had the privilege of leading that older man to the Lord!

Don’t give up on reaching older people. As they realize that death is not 20+ years in the future, you might find them more interested in spiritual things than they have ever been before.

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