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While I was teaching a class on evangelism, a student commented, “I love the way you approach evangelism. It is very grace oriented. What has turned me off to evangelism is the way I’ve seen others do it. They seemed so abrupt, in-your-face, and rude. I probably should not have let that affect me but I did.”

In response, I had two things to say. First, whenever you see someone doing it wrong, ask yourself, “How can I use this as a learning opportunity?” Observe how not to do it, and then determine a better course to follow.

Second, remember that even though they may not be using the best method, they are still sharing their faith.

D.L. Moody was once criticized for the way he went about evangelizing. He responded, “Tell me how you do it.” The person confessed he really did not evangelize.

D.L. Moody responded, “Then I think I like the way I do it better than the way you don’t do it.”

Those who do approach evangelism in the wrong manner are not without fault, but at least they are doing something. What is more honoring to God: a person who imperfectly vocalizes his faith or a person who stays silent? Seeing someone evangelize the wrong way should never turn us off from doing it the right way. After all, just as they are a model in how it should not be done, you can model a better way.

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