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People who singularly think conversions often miss where evangelism begins. It's all about contacts. Without contacts, there are no conversations. Without conversations, there are no conversions.


Churches growing by conversion do everything they can do to have contact with unbelievers. If the only thing you think about is inviting nonbelievers to a Sunday morning service, you are making a big mistake. Many non-Christians will not accept an invitation to come to a Sunday morning service, but there are so many other ways to have contact with them. In fact, the best thing churches can do is to get its most creative people together in the same room and ask, "How can we have contact with the lost?" Every idea counts, and no ideas are tossed out until the brainstorming session is completed. They then keep the good ideas, toss out the bad ones, and try one idea at a time. Here are just a few examples:


·    Hold a Fall Festival that attracts unbelievers and their families to an evening of fun and games.


·    Have a Wild Game Feast where unbelievers can enjoy the taste of wild game, enjoy an outdoor presentation, and possibly win a door prize.


·    Have your church host a hunter safety program, which is now a must for those who want to start hunting.


·    Sponsor a Christmas gift wrapping service directed toward non-Christians whose gifts are wrapped free of charge.


·    Sponsor a clothing or food giveaway for the needy within the community.


·    Host a health clinic where qualified people can give seminars on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


·    Host a "keep our communities safe" program on the evening of the week where a policeman can speak on safety issues.


·    Sponsor a parenting seminar for parents and expectant parents.


These have only scratched the surface. There are so many more ways a church can reach out to the community and then open doors for the gospel. Do you present the gospel at these activities or events? It’s depends. If it’s natural, yes! If not, no, and that’s ok. These are often opportunities to open a door for the gospel later. Follow-up is key, though. Obtain the contact information of all who attend in order to later contact them and say, "Thanks for joining us." In that later visit, you can then tell them what the church is about and should the Lord open the door, present the gospel.

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