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I have always been passionate about building EvanTell’s ministry in such a way that when the Lord is through using me, EvanTell’s ministry will not only survive but thrive. The reason is basically twofold.


One is that when I started EvanTell, God made it crystal clear that He wanted a ministry that would go beyond me—a ministry that would continue long after I’m gone. That was as real as the desk I am sitting in front of right now.


Second, I am absurdly convinced that the thing every person in the world needs is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is not an answer, He is THE answer. That’s why it’s important that the ministry grows and prospers long after I’m gone. Fifty years from now nobody needs to know who Larry Moyer was, but everyone desperately needs to know who Jesus Christ was.


It takes years to build a ministry’s foundation, structure, and credibility. With all that the Lord has given us, I look forward to seeing what He is going to continue to do in the days ahead.


I plan to continue full time as long as the Lord gives me health and strength. But when the Lord is through with me under His good hand, the ministry will continue to thrive.


To that end, we’ve laid out a plan for the next 5 years (2018-2023) to reach the world with the gospel of Christ.


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