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Once you lead a person to Christ, it’s important to suggest where to start reading in the Bible. Otherwise, he may start in Genesis and get lost in the genealogies or start in Revelation and get scared to death!

I always recommend a new believer start in Philippians for two reasons. First, Philippians is one of the simplest books of the entire Bible. If a new believer does find a particular verse confusing, though, remind them to concentrate on the verses they do understand.

Second, it teaches truths related to daily Christian living, such as prayer, humility, selfishness, the need to grow spiritually, contentment, giving, suffering for Christ, motives, anxiety, and a host of other topics. Philippians confronts issues they will be facing every day as new Christians and instructs them on how to respond.

I, also, recommend that they read only one chapter a day in order to focus on one prominent truth at a time. Since Philippians has four chapters, I challenge them to start the book over on the fifth day and repeat this for a month. They will then read the entire book seven times. They will of course see things the second time that they did not see the first and more things the third time that they did not see the second.

Helping new converts know where to start is one of the best ways to help them grow.

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