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Numerous times someone asks me the question, “How do you present the gospel to someone who doesn’t want to hear it?”


The simple answer is, “You don’t.”


In fact, trying to push through a closed door could do more harm than good in terms of the person’s receptivity.


I always remind people that nowhere in the Bible are we ever told to open a door for the gospel. Instead we’re told to walk through a door that He has opened. If He has not opened the door there is little we can do in terms of talking to that person.


Please notice, though, I said talking to that person. Someone can keep you from talking to him, but he cannot keep you from talking to God. For that reason, put that individual on your daily prayer list and consistently bring him up before the Lord asking God to open his heart to the gospel.


God has all kinds of ways of getting through. A person who is not open this week could be very open next week. He could be suddenly diagnosed with cancer, suffer the loss of a close friend in a tragic accident and begin to think about his own life and death, or read about a mass shooting and say to himself, “What if that happened to me?”


Maintain your friendship and continue conversation with the person making clear to him that you do not take his rejection of Christ as a rejection of you. Your constant care and concern for him, and your prayers on his behalf may cause a door for the gospel to gradually open. In fact, that door may open sooner than you imagine.

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