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Leadership is all about influence. To have influence you need credibility. How do you get credibility in evangelism?

Robert Coleman in The Master Plan of Discipleship says it well: “Example gives credibility to leadership. People are more impressed by what they see than by what they hear.”

Nowhere is that more true than influencing your people to evangelize. Your people must see you doing it, not just talking about it or encouraging them to do it.

How though will they see you doing it? Practically speaking, they cannot help but notice. It will come through in all kinds of ways:

  • Hearing you speak about your conversations with non-Christians.
  • Noticing your schedule is filled with appointments with unbelievers.
  • Meeting a new Christian at church whom you led to Christ.
  • Listening to you pray for more opportunities with non-Christians.
  • Hearing you request prayer for someone you are about to speak to about the Lord.
  • Telling them that an accountability partner asks you each month, “How have you reached out to someone who is an unbeliever?”
  • Listening to you tell a testimony about how God gave you boldness when you were afraid to witness.

If you are actually doing evangelism, you won’t be able to keep them from observing your example. Again, it will come through in so many ways. With that example, comes credulity resulting in influence. Your people will want to do what you do, not merely what you say.

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