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Is there a cost to becoming a Christian?


It depends what you mean by “cost.”

We must come to God as sinners recognizing that we deserve eternal separation from God. No merit of our own will get us to heaven. That is very humbling to many, especially if they feel they have lived a good life and done a lot of noteworthy things. So, in that way it costs because they must humble themselves in the sight of God and come to Christ the same way a thief, rapist, or murderer comes— as sinners in need of mercy.

At the same time, eternal life is free to us because Christ paid the cost: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 6:23). God allowed His own Son to take the punishment for our sins, as our substitute, and rise again.

Once we come to Christ, God wants to help us take out of our lives what should not be there and put in what should be there. But I would be quick to mention three things.

  1. Whatever changes He wants us to make, He is there to help us make them.
  2. If someone would call that a “cost,” then it is the cost of living like a Christian, not becoming a Christian. Once again, a God of grace gives us eternal life with no strings attached.
  3. I have never met one person who grew as a Christian that was sorry for what God wanted to take out of his life. What God brought into his life was far greater and more meaningful than what He took out. He did not see it as a “cost” of becoming a Christian but a benefit.

Eternal life is free because of what Christ did on the cross. He paid the price!

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