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I am often asked how much time and what steps I take in preparing a message.


Generally, I figure 20 to 30 hours per message from start to finish. If I were a pastor, it would probably be closer to 20 than 30. Once I decide on the text, my main steps include:


  1.  Exegeting and studying the text
  2.  Determining my main idea
  3.  Outlining my message
  4.  Determining my support material--analogies, illustrations, quotations, etc.
  5.  Developing my conclusion
  6.  Developing my introduction
  7.  Manuscripting the message

Putting together a message that communicates a biblical truth and is relevant to the audience takes time and hard work. But it is worth it when you see God use it to change people’s lives and sometimes their eternal destiny.

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