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I am immensely grateful for everything my mentor Dr. Haddon Robinson taught me in the area of preaching.


One of the things that helped the most was the simple truth that I am not likely to tell people something they haven’t heard before. Sometimes preachers think they have to come up with something new and different, and in so doing they come up with something completely unbiblical. Instead, he emphasized how helpful it was to tell people something in a creative or memorable way.


For example, if you speak about marriage, you might say that marriage opens your eyes to things about life that you never saw before. But it would be a lot more memorable to say: “Love is blind. Marriage is an eye-opener.”


When you speak about discouragement, you may want to emphasize the importance of never giving up. Drive it home by saying: “A winner never quits; a quitter never wins.”


Here’s another example. You want to emphasize the fact that apart from Christ a person will spend eternity separated from God. Put that in these words: “Living without God means dying without hope.” That captured what you want to say in just a few communicative words.


One time, I asked Dr. Robinson how you develop the art of memorable speech. I’ll never forget his answer, “Practice it in your daily conversation. As it becomes part of your conversation, it will become part of your preaching.”


To this day, I strive to incorporate creativity in my everyday conversations. I cannot tell you how many times someone has said said, “That’s great,” or “I will remember that,” or “I want to write that down.” I did not tell him something that he did not know or had not heard before. I just said in a way that was different.


Infuse your conversations with creativity, and creativity will then find its place in your preaching.

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