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If we as believers truly want to be consistent in evangelism, we must work to make it an everyday experience. But how do we get to that point?

First, we must begin with prayer. Philippians 4:6 tells us to “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Notice especially the word everything. I can come to God and say, “Help me to see new opportunities to reach the lost today!” He will answer far beyond anything we ever expect.

Secondly, we must resist being narrow-minded. Reaching out on an everyday level means using everything and anything we can to build a bridge with a non-Christian. This could mean sharing a tract, requesting their permission to ask a blessing on a meal, sharing a brief testimony, inviting them to an event that may give you an opportunity to speak to them, or actually having an extensive discussion about their interest in spiritual things right then and there. We should focus on reaching out in any way to any person we might meet. Don’t “lock God in” to what He may allow you to do that could open up a conversation.

Thirdly, we must learn from our mistakes, not beat ourselves up over them. Some days you will feel good about the opportunities you’ve grasped. Other days, you may be appalled at the opportunities you’ve missed. The most important thing, though, is what you learned. God teaches through experiences, even when those experiences are our mistakes. He wants us to evangelize out of grace, see it as an undeserved privilege, learn each step of the way, and not live in guilt about our errors in evangelism.

Finally, we must learn a method to share the gospel. I’ve been honored to speak in almost every state of the nation and more than 60 foreign locations. I have never met anybody consistent in evangelism who does not have a basic method. A method emboldens a believer that he can share the gospel and encourages him to look for opportunities. Along with that, I also encourage you to receive any training you can in personal evangelism.

Learning how to make evangelism an everyday experience is not necessarily difficult. As we follow the above suggestions, we’ll find our involvement in evangelism growing month by month. When you see how God uses you in different ways with different people, you’ll want to do it more, not less!

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