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People often ask me, “What does your quiet time with the Lord look like?”


First, know that this is my favorite part of the day. After my morning run, I eat breakfast and then clean up. In the same chair in my living room each morning, I have my quiet time. My Bible study consists of always going through one book of the Bible one chapter at a time. I use the Nelson Study Bible in the New King James version. I read the chapter and then the corresponding notes. I try to leave that time with one thing to concentrate and meditate upon that day. I then read the Proverb that corresponds to that day. If it’s the 15th of the month, I read Proverbs 15.

I follow that with my prayer time and have requests listed in four areas: my family, another related to EvanTell, people and their needs I have promised to pray for daily, and prayer items about myself.

I come away feeling spiritually refreshed because He spoke to me through His word and then I spoke to Him through prayer.

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