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My wife and I met on a triple blind date. No, it was not myself and three girls! It was three guys and three girls. A classmate of mine at Dallas Theological Seminary planned the night. The girls all attended North Texas State University. I knew from the first day I met Tammy that she would become my wife. We dated for three years and married two weeks after I graduated from seminary.

For the first 20 years of my ministry, I led week-long crusades, which usually meant traveling every other week. Because Tammy was a talented soloist with a very trained voice, she traveled with me for almost every crusade, singing each night prior to my message. Her music was so used in our outreaches!

Tammy does not have the gift of evangelism, but she does have the gift of mercy. When we married, she was scared to talk to anyone about Christ. She now talks to everyone she possibly can! God has developed such a boldness within her. She even teaches some of EvanTell’s seminars on evangelism. Because she does not have the gift of evangelism but still evangelizes at every opportunity, she’s able to especially minister and encourage those who relate to that.

Tammy has also inspired others to support the ministry financially. Many of our present contributors met Tammy before they ever met me. Her excitement about what was happening in ministry, her enthusiasm for the lost, and her warmth and love for people drew them to be a part of the ministry. Her enthusiasm was contagious, so they wanted to be part of what God was doing, as well.

All of the above, though, are not the greatest way God has used her. She has been my biggest encourager and supporter every single moment of our marriage. I’ve never gone on one engagement without knowing that she was 100% behind me. Traveling with me to outreaches gave her a first-hand view of what God was doing. She has been my comforter, wise counselor, and source of strength in so many ways.

Because I now fly for every engagement, the increased expenses of the airlines keep her home. During her time here, Tammy attempts to work one day a week in the office. She is also involved in many ways with the women in our community and her close girlfriends. In addition, though, she runs so many errands for me. That has so freed me to concentrate on what I do on the road, yet still have the time I need with her when I get home.

I’m convinced only eternity will reveal the full impact that my dear wife has had on the growth of EvanTell. There’s no way I could be where I am today as an evangelist or EvanTell could be where it is today apart from the way God has used her. Next to the gift of salvation, Tammy is the greatest gift God could have ever given me!

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