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One of the greatest fears American people have is speaking in public. Honestly, it doesn’t happen to me very often, but it does happen. Usually when I’m the most nervous, I speak my best because I’m relying upon His strength, not mine.

Speaking to new, incredibly large audiences gives me the most fear. In other instances, I’m sometimes uncertain of how the audience will receive my message. Other times, I’m nervous because I’m speaking on a particular subject or text of Scripture on which I’ve never before preached. Those situations can be scary.

A good talk with the Lord helps me the most. I confess my fears to Him and tell him how greatly I need His help. Once more, those fear-filled times as I get up to speak are when I have felt His presence the most. He gives me a confidence to stand firm, a boldness to say what needs to be said, and an ability to pull everybody in the audience into His Word.

Experience plays such a big part in overcoming the fear. If you’re asked to speak, remind yourself that you are not speaking through the Lord but instead He is speaking through you. A complete dependence upon Him as you speak makes all the difference.

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