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As I interact with church leaders, they often wonder if it is better to teach their congregations one method of sharing their faith or several. By method I’m not referring to different means of outreach, but methods of sharing the gospel one-on-one with an unbeliever.

I always emphasize there is one message—Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead. At the same time, there are many ways of proclaiming this. The important thing is that your chosen method needs to be clear on three things: (1) we are sinners, (2) Christ died for us and rose again, and (3) through trusting Christ alone we are saved.

It’s also important that these three truths be presented clearly without using confusing terminology. Too often a method explains everything clearly until the end. In other words, we must be clear on explaining what a person needs to do—trust Christ alone as our only way to heaven.

Having said that though, I have found it works better when everyone is on the same page. A church should adopt one method and use that particular method in all of its training sessions. This doesn’t mean your church members should feel obligated to use only one method, but that only one method is used to train your congregations.

EvanTell teaches a simple “Bad News/Good News” method. We have never told anyone that it is the only way to lead someone to Christ because it certainly isn’t. Church leaders often tell me, though, that this method is easy to use and utilize as a church-wide method.

Once more, it’s always an advantage when a church adopts a method enabling everyone to stay on the same page.

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