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Several times I have been asked whether God can use a Christian’s witness if there is hidden sin in that person’s life. The answer is always—yes.

As another speaker once said, “God can use a crooked arrow to reach His mark.”


There are times God works through us, and there are other times He works in spite of us. Either way, God wants to work in us and through us to bring people to Christ.  


With that said, though, we must remember that evangelism is a spiritual work, and a person who refuses to confess his sin will experience grave consequences in ministry.


God desires to show us what to say and how to respond to the people He puts in our path. But, when there is sin in our lives, that sin acts like a clog preventing His spirit from flowing through us. We are not nearly as sensitive to what the Lord is trying to say. That’s why examining ourselves, as we seek to be effective witnesses for Christ, is essential. The cleaner the instrument the more powerfully God can use it.

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