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Satan is a master of intimidation. He especially loves to intimidate believers before they evangelize with improbable, hypothetical scenarios like the following: “He will probably reject you for bringing up the subject.” “You will not be able to answer his questions and objections.” “I bet you blow it just like you did last time.”

Please don’t miss that Satan is also a master of distraction. He loves to shift your attention to where it doesn’t need to go, so it will not be where it should be.

Many non-Christians are approachable about spiritual things because of insecurities that surround them such as the economy, terrorists, contracting cancer, etc. With the events happening in our world today, believers are often surprised to hear that unbelievers are so open. Sometimes Christians will cite the people who walk on college campuses to callously shoot students and professors or they reference the parent who drowned her infant. Other times, believers may even talk about the airline possibly brought down by a bomb. Then they comment, “These people who commit these tragedies seem everything but approachable.”

Yes, those examples are all traumatic and often beyond belief, but those few so fixed on death and destruction do not represent the majority of society. They represent the exceptions. The norm in this world is the 9 to 5 working people who pay taxes, abide by the law, and read the same news that you and I read. They may be concerned about being victims of a crime but not the instigator. Unlike those who would probably have no interest in spiritual matters, there are plenty of “average Joe’s” who are more open now than ever before. When approached properly about spiritual matters, these men and women are likely to engage in a serious conversation about their eternal destiny.

Satan does not want you see these people as the majority. He would prefer you to be distracted with the people who make up the ratio you don’t face instead of those who make up your neighborhood. After all, if Satan can get you to focus on the extreme crowd, you will lose your focus on those God has already softened.

Don’t let Satan distract you. Take a more careful look at your neighborhood than you do at the evening news. God is bringing many to Himself who don’t make up the headlines of the paper.

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