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Maintaining a meaningful and consistent prayer life is a frequent struggle for believers. So, unsurprisingly, I’m often asked, “Do you struggle with your prayer life and what helps you the most?”

My honest answer is: “Yes.” Although I have a very meaningful and even consistent prayer life, there are still times when I struggle like everyone else does. The mind can wander, I don’t always have as much time to give it as I would like, or a lack of sleep may get in the way—the same struggles everyone faces. One thing, though, has helped me more than anything else.

As I pray, I visualize Jesus sitting right in front me having a heart to heart talk. My eyes are glued on Him and His eyes are glued on me as I cast my cares upon Him (1 Pet. 5:7).

Visualization helps my prayers become so very personal. It’s simply a conversation with the One who both loves and helps me the most. So, I tell Him what I am anxious about, where I am confused, where I need His direction, and what weighs me down at the moment. My petitions include praise for who He is and His willingness to listen to me—the same things you would express to your dearest friend who is right there with you.

The more my mind is fixed on His actual presence, the more I walk away from my prayer life feeling refreshed. When I am at home, I sit in the same chair each day and have prayer at the same time each morning. This routine helps because it feels like a scheduled meeting time with my Savior.

My prayer time has become the most enjoyable part of my day. I speak with the One I am going to live with forever, but He’s not just somewhere in the sky, He’s sitting in front of me.

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