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Nothing is more important in evangelizing than the simple principle of obedience.

The first thing Christ taught His disciples was evangelism. Typically, fishermen catch fish, which die when displaced from water. But Jesus used the fishing motif to teach His disciples how dead men come alive. After a fruitless night of fishing, Jesus said to them, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4).

I love how the passage continues with Simon’s response: “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your Word I will let down the net” (v. 5).

They resolved that even though the whole night had not produced one fish, they would do what their Lord said. They then took in a load so large that it nearly broke the boat!

Jesus then said to them, “From now on you will catch men” (v.10). The principle could not be any clearer: follow me and do what I say.

Training in evangelism is always helpful when it addresses items such as how to turn conversations to spiritual things, how to answer questions unbelievers have, and even how to pray as we evangelize.

But none of those are more essential than the principle of obedience. We can learn and know everything there is to know about evangelism, but if we do not obey, of what value is it?

When we are obedient, God honors our submissive spirit and teaches us as we evangelize. There are many things that we can only learn through experience but that particular experience begins with obedience.

Give God your obedience and watch Him teach you and utilize you for His Kingdom.

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