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Anyone who knows me knows that I consider Dr. Haddon Robinson as my mentor, a person who went to be with the Lord July 22, 2017. Much of what he told me is now contained in my book A Mentor’s Wisdom – Lessons Learned from Haddon Robinson.

Two things, though, have always stood out about my relationship with him.

First, mentoring happens. I never asked him to be my mentor, and he never told me he would. As our relationship grew, it just happened. I really believe that is how the best mentoring takes place—in the context of a growing relationship.

As I thought about this one day, I made a list of people that told me, “You have been my mentor.” My list grew to almost 40 people. Interestingly, I was never aware that I served as a mentor to these individuals until they directly mentioned it, because the mentoring had grown organically through the context of a relationship. A second thing that has always stood out to me is simply the importance of mentoring. No greater legacy can a person leave behind than to deeply impact another person’s life.

That’s exactly what happens through mentoring. The impact you have on another person’s life, goals, priorities, habits, and attitudes is absolutely amazing.

That should cause every one of us to pray, “God help me to have an impact on as many as possible through a mentoring relationship.”

A legacy left though mentoring is in many ways immeasurable.

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