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I don’t know of a single outreach event easier to get non-Christians to attend in our day than a Wild Game Feast. These events are now averaging a minimum of 50-75% unbelievers.


There is one question a church should answer before scheduling both an event and a speaker: What’s your goal? Reaching non-Christians is a possible goal, but what does that tangibly mean and how you do that? I personally believe there is only one goal that makes the time, money, and energy worth it—make the gospel clear. Fix this goal so firmly in your mind that it directs everything else. In so doing, you will reach non-Christians.


No outdoors-minded person should leave without hearing the simple message of coming to God as sinners, recognizing Christ died for us and rose again, and trusting in Christ alone to save us.


Notice I stress Christ alone. On the cross, Christ did not make the down payment; He made the full payment.

He declared, "It is finished” (John 19:30). That means “paid in full." Only through trust in Christ alone can we receive His free gift of eternal life.


Bringing together outdoor people without making the gospel clear is a moral and ethical issue. We have one of the greatest opportunities God could have given us in taking these unbelievers from the creation to the Creator to Christ.


Making the gospel clear dictates everything else. The speaker, for example, has to not only be enjoyable to hear and have a picture-filled presentation, he needs to also make the gospel clear. That can never be compromised for the sake of entertainment. He needs to be so clear that no one could misunderstand him. When inviting your speaker, make sure you are firm on your expectations. A confusing, vague, or even a watered down gospel is an incredibly heartbreaking missed opportunity when so many unbelievers are present to listen.  


Making the gospel clear also directs the program. The goal of a clear presentation is a critical part of the evening and closes the time together. Finding out who trusted Christ is much more important than finding out who won a door prize. A simple communication card is an item EvanTell often uses to solve the problem. Everyone present for the event fills one out. Those who have trusted Christ put a check in the upper right-hand corner, knowing they will receive information on how to grow as a Christian.


Making the gospel clear also determines the audience. Wild Game Feasts are not for Christians to invite outdoors-minded believers. It is specifically designed for believers to invite those who do not know the Lord and need to hear a clear salvation message. Knowing the gospel is going to be made clear should motivate every believer to bring as many non-Christians as possible.


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