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From the day I was saved, I wanted to be an evangelist. As I went to Bible college, seminary, and grew in the Lord, a particular burden grew. I felt that there had to be an evangelistic ministry that was characterized by three things.


The Clarity Of The Gospel
I came to Christ through my own Bible study. Through the sport of hunting, I became convinced there had to be a God. God took me from the creation to the Creator and then to Christ. Along the way, I heard several evangelists, but I did not come away from them knowing how to be saved. In fact, they often confused and frustrated me. When I discovered how simple the gospel actually was, I felt that there had to be a ministry that was characterized by the clarity the gospel, not complicating what God Himself made so simple. I sincerely don’t know how many people have said to me, “I would have come to Christ sooner if someone would have explained it clearly.” To be saved, one has to know he is a sinner, recognize that Christ died in his place taking the punishment he deserved and rose again, and place his trust in Christ alone to save him. God makes it simple and clear, and we need to do the same.


Careful Handling Of Scripture
Evangelists often take Scripture out of context in order to say or teach things that the Scripture itself does not say or teach. My mentor, Dr. Haddon Robinson taught me what it means to preach the Word: “When you say, ‘Thus saith the Lord’, you better be right. That’s an awesome claim.” I wanted to see that belief in a ministry, one that based all teaching on an accurate handling of the Word, interpreting it in the context in which it was written and applying it in the context of our day.

Too many times and too many places, I’ve seen believers motivated to share Christ out of guilt not grace. As I grew in the Lord and gained experience, I found that many believers would like to share Christ; they just didn’t know how. They needed to be motivated the same way God motivates us: out of grace. I wanted to see a ministry that would stress to believers that evangelism is a privilege we do not deserve. By grace we are saved and by grace we are sent.

Thus burdened by God, I started EvanTell. I felt there had to be an evangelistic ministry characterized by those three values. Has God ever abundantly blessed! We prayed from the beginning that God would do something of such a magnitude that only He could explain. To God be all the glory!

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