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Many know that I came to Christ through the outdoors and specifically the sport of hunting. Raised on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, dad said if we worked hard all year, when November came, we could have the entire month off to go hunting.


I’m often asked what specifically about creation got my attention. The answer is simple--God’s design. For example, the curvature of tree bark, the uniqueness of each individual leaf, the different plants within the woods, the upturned sod and how one clump of soil differed from another, the formation of clouds. Big and little things impressed me. But that’s where my struggle lay. If God took such care to design things so exquisitely, why would He leave it?


The idea that God would make something like that and then leave it was in no way acceptable to me. There could have been 100 articulate atheists talking to me, but they wouldn’t have convinced me there is no God.


To say I was overwhelmed with the design all around me would be a tremendous understatement. I did not just look at the outdoors I stared at everything around me. The more I studied His creation the more frustrated I became. How could I get to I know this God?


I often compare it to a juicy apple right in front of me that I could not seem to bite into. It was that intense struggle that made me think, “Maybe the Bible can help me.”


As I read the Scriptures, I saw the emphasis, “believe in Christ.”  Then, one night as a teenager, I knelt by my bed and said, “God, the best I know how I am trusting Christ alone to save me.” From that point on my life exploded.


God literally took me from the creation to the Creator to Christ.

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