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I wear many hats at EvanTell, but what I absolutely love the most about what I do is seeing people come to Christ. Nothing beats witnessing lives forever changed.

I love seeing the countless number of ways God works in bringing people to Himself. All unbelievers have to come to Christ, but no two will come to Him in the same way. So many times God uses someone totally unexpected to bring people to Himself. I have also seen everything from a tract pulled out of the garbage to a scary dream that was used to bring people to the Savior. No book could ever contain all the ways God uses to reach people.

I love seeing the transformation that takes place that only God can explain. In every single conversion, God takes a mess and transforms it into a miracle. The miracles don’t always happen overnight, but they do happen. Let me give some examples.

A believer who shares the gospel may stop another person about to commit suicide. That person could then go on to be such a strong witness for Christ, telling others every week how they can experience life instead of death.

A preacher who never met the Savior yet talks to others about Him may discover that he never understood that eternal life is a free gift. God could then use his life to tell others how they can be Christians instead of Pharisees.

A self-professed atheist made it clear that he had no time for God, but then his whole mindset may change within five minutes as someone talks to him. He could then become one of the greatest spokesman for the Savior.

Watching an awesome God work in a way only He can and beyond the ability to fully explain makes you realize why the Bible calls Him the “Almighty”.

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