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Churches that are evangelistic use strategic events. Events done right aid personal evangelism, and personal evangelism done right aids event evangelism. It is not either/or but both/and.

Regardless of the event, though, one thing can absolutely destroy its effectiveness. In four words, it is “the lack of delegation.” I was recently working with a person who is in charge of one our forthcoming Wild Game Feast outreaches. We were discussing how the main committee (comprised of eight to ten key people) makes a difference, particularly giving each one on the committee a specific responsibility. Being a transparent person, he said to me, “I need to hear this because I try to do it all myself. I don’t delegate very well.”

Why is delegation so important?

  1. It is humanly impossible for one person to do everything, especially if it is a sizable event. Without delegation, something always gets missed or left undone.
  2. Lack of delegation leads to untold stress. The above person even said to me, “The result is that I get stressed out and it affects me physically.”
  3. Delegation automatically means more brainpower. Two heads are better than one and three heads are better than two, etc., especially when all work together as a team. Without delegation, though, there is only one person to do all the thinking and the outreach suffers.
  4. Increased event attendance. By default, the more people involved in planning, the more people in attendance. Those involved in planning will want to attend because they have a vested interest. But beyond that, is the power of word of mouth. One person says something to another, and thus more people hear about the event through those responsible for its planning. More planners lead to more contacts which leads to more people in attendance.
  5. Here is the most important thing of all though—the lack of delegation is unbiblical! God has purposed the body of Christ to get the job done together. Hence, I Corinthians 12 stresses that in the physical body the foot cannot do the work of the ear, and the ear cannot do the work of the eye. Likewise, in the body of Christ it is the diversity along with the unity that God uses. Delegation honors the truth of Scripture; the lack of delegation resists what the Scriptures encourage.

Biblically and practically, delegation of responsibilities is critical to effective events. Let God be glorified through what a team has done—something far greater than what one person alone achieves.

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