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When hosting a Wild Game Feast, a church’s biggest problem is finding a big enough facility to accommodate the crowds! Why are they so successful?

Most Wild Game Feasts are held in the spring. After the holidays, people typically feel let down as January approaches. That is one reason that January is my favorite month to speak evangelistically. A Wild Game Feast has great timing in the beginning of the year because it offers the church something to look forward to after December ends.

Both hunters and fishermen love to be with others who love the outdoors much as they do! They enjoy swapping information about their favorite places to camp, discussing the vacation they just had, interacting about the newest in outdoor equipment, and trading success stories about their biggest catches of the season. A Wild Game Feast offers a chance to talk to those who want to listen and listen to those who want to talk.

Those who attend a Wild Game Feast are often God-fearing, even though they are not God-knowing. I’ve met few outdoors people who claim to be atheists or agnostics. Therefore, a Wild Game Feast is an invitation to a very receptive crowd. The attendees usually think, “So what if they mention God.” They are usually convinced as much as you are that God is real. Because of this, I believe that presentations that don’t make the gospel clear are such a waste of time, money, and—most of all—opportunity.

Food and some of the finest—that’s what a Wild Game Feast is all about. Wild game properly prepared can be some of the tastiest food! For example, I would take a good elk steak over meat of any kind and I’ve met many who agree.

Door Prizes
Wild Game Feasts tend to average 50-100 door prizes given by merchants in town. After all, if you owned Smith’s Hardware Store and donated, how would you like your name mentioned in front of 500 people? Prizes may be as simple as video games or the grand prize of an expensive rifle. The door prizes have such a community impact for evangelism because they bring the church closer to the merchants and the merchants closer to the church.

Wild Game Feasts are wildly effective in introducing the lost to Christ. As I've told many church leaders, if you find something effective, keep doing it and keep doing it better every year. When Wild Game Feasts are properly done with the target of reaching unbelievers, they grow every year with a tremendous portion of non-Christians present.

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