A Mentor's Wisdom: Lessons I Learned from Haddon Robinson

After 45 years of evangelism ministry with EvanTell, Dr. Moyer reflects on the way that Dr. Robinson’s teaching has echoed down the years and stood the test of time. As a friend and a guide, Dr. Robinson supported and guided Larry in life, leadership, speaking, and evangelism. A Mentor’s Wisdom and the lessons it contains testify to... read more

101 Tips for Evangelism: Practical Ways to Enhance Your Witness

Many believers have a difficult time evangelizing because they make it far more complicated than Jesus intended it to be. 101 Tips for Evangelism: Practical Ways to Enhance Your Witness presents practical, easily understood ideas that can enhance one's witness and make evangelism easier. Author Larry Moyer, founder of the well-known... read more

The Evangelism Study Bible

The Evangelism Study Bible provides all the tools you need to learn to share the gospel clearly and simply as God opens doors of opportunity. You’ll learn how to overcome fear and guilt as a believer and how to be a confident, joyful witness for Christ. Using the popular and highly esteemed New King James Version text, you’ll... read more

Free and Clear

Veteran evangelist R. Larry Moyer has spent more than  40 years reflecting upon and researching the most common issues and problems in personal evangelism. This textbook in personal evangelism will lead believers step by step into a thorough understanding of the gospel message and of biblical terminology and concepts.  Written... read more

21 Things God Never Said

An experienced evangelist committed to a careful study of Scripture, Larry dispels 21 common misconceptions Christians have about evangelism. Misconceptions include ones such as, “If you don’t know the date you were saved, then you’re not saved” and “When you miss an opportunity to share Christ with someone, it’s your fault... read more

31 Days With The Master Fisherman

Written in an easy‑to‑follow, clear style, this daily devotional will help the believer increase the closeness of his walk with the Lord.  At the same time it will help the believer develop compassion for the people for whom Christ died.  This book will encourage every believer who wants to be consistent in his devotions and... read more

31 Days To Contagious Living

Nothing impacts a believer's verbal witness more than a life that is a "living epistle" to the truth of the gospel. This 31‑day devotional teaches very practical ways to live a life that dramatically impacts lost people.  Topics covered include the use of our tongue, proper attitudes in trials, forgiveness, anxiety,... read more

31 Days To Living As A New Believer

As a new believer, you have taken the first step on the journey of knowing God—a journey that lasts a lifetime and requires purposeful instruction. Written in a one-month, daily devotional format, this book provides simple, yet essential truths for Christian living. Author and veteran evangelist, Dr. R. Larry Moyer says, “This... read more

31 Days To Walking With God In The Workplace

Where can Christians make the greatest impact for Jesus Christ? In the place where we spend the majority of our time and form the majority of our day-to-day relationships—the workplace. As construction workers, teacher, businesspersons, healthcare personnel, office or retail workers—all of us have the opportunity to see the... read more

Show Me How To Share The Gospel

This book introduces readers to the exciting reality that believers can learn how to share the gospel with others clearly and confidently.  Designed for any Christian who struggles in particular areas of evangelism.  Topics addressed include reaching relatives, responding to cultists, overcoming fear, and evangelizing out of... read more

Show Me How To Share Christ In The Workplace

Continuing his popular Show Me How series, gifted evangelist Dr. R. Larry Moyer has written a practical guide for sharing Christ in the workplace. Step by step, Moyer shows what it really means to pray, live, and speak as God directs. He outlines how to apply each at work and also shows how to take advantage of public speaking... read more

Show Me How To Illustrate Sermons

Effective illustrations are not only helpful in evangelic speaking, they are absolutely essential. R. Larry Moyer, who has spoken in more than 1,000 outreaches explains not only where to find both serious and humorous illustrations, but also how to enter and exit the illustrations, and make them relevant to lost people. It’s the... read more

Show Me How To Preach Evangelistic Sermons

As someone who has spoken on more than 1,000 outreaches, R. Larry Moyer explains what he has learned in more than 40 years of evangelistic ministry. His instruction in evangelic speaking shows you how to make the gospel clear as you unfold the meaning of a text you’ve chosen to an unbelieving audience. Everything from principles or... read more

Show Me How To Answer Tough Questions

One of the biggest struggles believers have in evangelism is how to answer questions and objections of unbelievers.  This book explains how to take 15 such questions and objections and consistently direct the conversation to the cross and the resurrection ‑‑ the issues of Christianity.  The book explains not only how to... read more

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