Evangelism Coaching:

Larry Moyer has spent 45 years traveling the world as an evangelist, conducted more than 1200 outreaches, spoken in thousands of churches and worked closely with hundreds of church leaders. As he continues full-time with EvanTell, in addition to what he already does, he now desires to use what he has learned to mentor churches in growing through conversion.

What can you expect of us?

  • Larry Moyer would serve as your personal mentor with his "on your team," not "on your back" approach in assisting you.
  • Access to ministry resources to impact your community and your mission teams.
  • A discount when purchasing materials from us.

What do we expect of you?

  • A coaching fee based on Larry’s talk with you and how you desire to use him and have access to him.
  • The church’s governing board gives unanimous approval to having Dr. Larry Moyer and EvanTell as their “staff” or “virtual” outreach pastor.
  • A church that is serious about equipping their people and impacting their community for Christ so the church experiences growth through conversion.
  • The pastor and the staff member over outreach be the primary contacts for Dr. Moyer.
  • A church that is willing to include local evangelism in their budget.
  • A church may continue as long as they like or discontinue at any time.

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