Wild Game Feast


In a riveting 45 minute presentation spiced with humor, Larry shows pictures of several of his hunting expeditions and then gives his testimony “Hunting Wildlife and Finding God.” After the Saturday noon or evening Wild Game Feast, Larry stays over and speaks at an evangelistic service Sunday morning that is directed to unbelievers. He also gives a one hour training seminar in evangelism in which he helps believers overcome their basic fears in talking to others about Christ. See the Media page for more.



"The Wild Game Feast with Dr. Larry Moyer was a tremendous and unifying evangelistic ministry for our church!  God moved in our men and through our men to reach many lost and unchurched men for Christ.  God used Evantell to foster in us His heart for the lost and to move us into HIs harvest. Larry's vast hunting experiences gave him instant credibility with hunters and readied them for the gospel.  I highly recommend this tool for reaching outdoorsmen with the gospel." Cecil Sanders
Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church
Headland, Alabama
"Dr. Moyer and his staff are an absolute joy to work with. The Friendship Dinner and Wild Game Feast have been very effective in reaching the lost in our community. Dr. Moyer’s humble approach to evangelism training is always well-attended and easily implemented. Some of our most faithful families are the fruit of Dr. Moyer’s ministry and we always look forward to having him back." Lucas LaCour
Alpine First Baptist Church
Pineville, LA
"Larry has a double barrel passion for both hunting and sharing the gospel. His heartbeat for the lost, his clear presentation of the gospel, and his ability to connect with those who love the outdoors made our first Wild Game Feast a huge success. He will bring a lasting impact to your church and community. He is passionate about sharing the gospel and equipping others to share the good news of Jesus Christ. From the planning to the event, Larry’s partnership was a big key to the success of our first Wild Game Feast." Pastor Kurt Busenitz
Lead Pastor
Sandhills Church of Hope
Cody, NE
"Larry Moyer brings an excellent game feast experience. Our regular and extreme hunters were impressed with his experience. Our guests were captivated by his stories. He was engaging, humorous and insightful. But even more important, his gospel presentation was clear, concise, and compelling. Many responded to the gospel. His plan for follow up was also very helpful. There are people worshipping here today as a result. And his evangelism training that he provided for our church was life changing. Over a year later one of our men just shared a testimony of what Larry meant to his spiritual life." Dr. Charles Jennings
Lead Pastor
Ridgewood Bible Church
Lockport, NY
“This was our 9th Wild Game Feast but thanks to Larry Moyer and his preparation manual, it was the most thought through, purposeful, and well organized one we have ever done. The large group session training our people to share the ‘Bad News/Good News’ gave our church family concrete guidance on sharing our faith personally. We are so excited about the decisions for Christ that were made at the Game Feast as well as in the morning services." Sid Litke
Senior Pastor
Open Door Bible Church
Port Washington, WI
"Evangelism. It’s right up there with “root canal” in striking fear into someone’s heart. But each time that Larry Moyer has come and equipped us in evangelism, the fear-factor is diminished, people are emboldened, and more unbelievers hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Couple that training with a Wild Game Feast and your local church will never be the same." Mark Carey
Lead Pastor
Fellowship Bible Church
Winchester, VA
“If you want to challenge men in your church to do evangelism, you should consider hosting a Wild Game Feast. Dr. Moyer was a pleasure to work with, and his heart for the lost combined with his passion for hunting makes him an ideal guest speaker for this event and an invaluable resource for your church."" Scott McDonald
Senior Pastor
Corpus Christie Community Church
Corpus Christi, TX
"Dr Larry Moyer has been with us two years in a row and we’ve sold out both times. Larry connects powerfully with people using great hunting stories and interesting lessons learned out in the wild. He’s absolutely brilliant at clearly pointing people to Jesus. He touched my heart as well through his teaching on how to continue reaching out to the unchurched. Larry’s influence on our leadership will propel us further into our community." Bill McMinn
Lead Pastor
Eagleville Bible Church
Rock Creek, OH
“We recently concluded a very successful Wild Game Feast in which Dr. Larry Moyer served as our guest speaker. Dr. Moyer also preached an evangelistic message on Sunday morning. Both on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning we had people make decisions to trust Christ alone for salvation. Dr. Moyer concluded his time with us on Sunday afternoon by offering a seminar to help our members more easily share the good news of Jesus Christ. I've never met a man who has more passion for lost humanity than Dr. Larry Moyer. I enthusiastically recommend his ministry to anyone who wants to reach the lost through a Wild Game Feast.” David Byrd
Lead Pastor
Northside Baptist Church
Jasper, AL
"If you want to inject a shot of evangelism into your church and community, I have never experienced anything more effective than the Wild Game Feast. It's the kind of event that's easy to invite unbelievers to attend. Larry's presentation of the gospel is riveting, humorous, clear, and powerful. In our little northwest town of 2000 we had over 200 unbelievers come and 61 trusted Christ, far surpassing anything we expected!" Don McKay
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Gold Beach, OR
"As a veteran pastor who has led the churches I've served at in hosting ten Wild Game Feasts, I can tell you that I've heard a lot of speakers attempt to share the Gospel. Some have done well, but several others have left our guests confused about how to respond to Christ and what the content of the Gospel actually is. I've been blessed to have Dr. Larry Moyer at two of our most recent Wild Game Feasts and God has greatly used him each time. We always see several responses to the Gospel and our most recent Feast resulted in fourteen professions of faith. Of these, three have become deeply connected to our church already and one will be baptized soon. In addition, Dr. Moyer is not just another good speaker. He also brings additional training in evangelism to the whole church, including those who don't attend the Feast itself. We are deeply grateful for Dr. Moyer and his partnership with us in the Gospel." Joe Horn
Senior Pastor
Chillicothe Bible Church
Chillicothe, IL
"Dr. Larry Moyer is one of the most energetic, organized speakers who gives a clear gospel message while holding the people’s attention. His presentation at our Wild Game Feast was top notch, aided by stories and pictures of his vast hunting success, all with the right balance of humor. We now have the privilege of following up with the dozens who responded in a positive spiritual way." Greg Miller
Senior Pastor
Calvary Bible Church
Ellerslie, MD
"As pastor of a small Baptist church, it was my vision for years to have "Blessings on the Hunt”. With Dr Moyer’s help, it was a great success! We are already planning for next year!" Dale Goodman
Chase Baptist Church
Chase, LA

Evangelism Bonanza Sunday


Larry begins the day by giving an expositional message in evangelism, exciting and encouraging believers that they CAN speak to others about Christ and do it with clarity, confidence, and consistency. He then offers a one-hour training seminar for believers entitled, “What is So Scary About Evangelism and How Do You Overcome Those Fears?” Larry also meets with the church leaders and discusses “Why Has the Church Lost its Cutting Edge in Evangelism and How Can We Regain It”.



“How do you combine passion and knowledge into the subject of evangelism so that is produces understanding, emotion and action? Two words, Larry Moyer. Larry was exactly what our church needed in giving timely instruction and a passionately delivered, Biblically based motivational message. Finally, he spent time in a seminar with the leadership of our church training us in evangelism and giving us time to answer our questions. We were so blessed that we are planning on him coming back. Larry is answering a need for our time.” Ric Garland
Senior Pastor
Epsom Bible Church
Epsom, NH
"We are grateful that Larry continues to equip people to share the gospel boldly and with grace—something all devoted followers of Christ should be serious about improving their ability to do. Larry can help you learn his proven method that will give you confidence to share your faith effectively!" Todd Wagner
Lead Pastor
Watermark Community Church
Dallas, TX
"Larry’s preaching was energizing and motivating to the congregation in the area of evangelism. His preaching and training sessions were just what we needed to reignite our passion for evangelism. His is a real blessing to the Kingdom of God and we thank God for him and his passion for the spreading of the gospel." Marshal L. Ausberry
Lead Pastor
Antioch Baptist Church
Fairfax Station, VA
"Larry Moyer is a true ambassador of Christ. He not only preaches the gospel clearly and simply as an evangelist, but also trains others on how to share their faith effectively as a teacher. His visits to Grace Bible Church through the years have been most productive both in building up the body here and in reaching the lost in our services and surrounding community. I recommend Larry and EvanTell with enthusiasm and abounding confidence." Dr. Bill Bjork
Lead Pastor
Grace Bible Church
Sun City, AZ
“Our having Larry come for an Evangelism Bonaza Sunday was a good investment. In his equipping seminar, Larry did a tremendous job explaining the gospel in a clear, simple manner so as to help our people learn to share the good news of Jesus clearly and simply with those who need Him. The service to excite was beneficial as it taught us how to overcome our common fears in evangelism while also providing us with much needed perspective. Larry reminded us that our job is to make contact with unbelievers and to share the simple gospel message with them in conversation while it is God's job to make converts. Larry effectively raised our confidence to share our faith by reminding us that we know the gospel and are ready to share it when we know these ten words - "Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead."” Ben Brown
Former Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Yankton, SD
“What a joy and challenge it was to have Dr. Larry Moyer bring the Evangelism Bonanza to Mountain View Bible Church. The purpose of this one day event is to “excite and equip” for personal evangelism. Dr. Moyer delivered! We believe that the Evangelism Bonanza will ignite personal evangelism, motivate further training, and stimulate outreach events in our ministry. Thank you Evantell and Dr. Moyer for keeping the gospel and your training clear and simple!" Jeff Barbieri
Lead Pastor
Mountain View Biblec Church
New Tripoli, PA
“We were honored to host Dr. Larry Moyer from EvanTell for an Evangelism Bonanza Sunday. He clearly articulated the Gospel to our congregation. His methods removed the guilt and shame for those who are building their confidence in evangelism. The Sunday evening training sessions were practical and easy to understand. We all left feeling equipped to share the Gospel and lead someone across the finish line of faith." Gordon DeWitt
Associate Pastor of Ministry
Neighborhood Church
Redding, CA
“You need to have Larry Moyer in for an Evangelism Bonanza. Larry’s real world experience in evangelism illumines the weekend. He really practices personal evangelism and his instruction demonstrates this. Larry also has a very warm and encouraging spirit. Because of his spirit, your people will warm to sharing the gospel. " David Mills
Beech Haven Baptist Church
Athens, GA
“Sagemont Church had the privilege of hosting “Evangelism Bonanza” with Dr. Larry Moyer. Larry did a fabulous job of training our congregation on how to share their faith. His energy, enthusiasm, and humor captivated our members, and his passion for lost souls resonated with our people. The Sagemont family learned how to embrace a method of sharing their faith that was both simple and effective. I can assure you that Larry’s “Bad News, Good News” approach is a superior tool in the hands of the average layman. I heartily recommend Larry to your church. " Chuck Schneider
Interim Senior Pastor
Sagemont Church
Houston, TX
“Dr. Moyer teaches with doctrinal clarity, biblical precision, contagious passion, pastoral sensitivity, and disarming winsomeness—all of which are needed in the evangelical church today. His modelling of the balance between patient dependance on God and sincere urgency in gospel proclamation is something from which all Christians can benefit from learning. " Josiah Boyd
Oakridge Bible Chapel
Oakville, Ontario

Operation Friendship


Operation Friendship is a three event weekend that begins with a friendship dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night at which Larry gives an after dinner message to unbelievers. Sunday morning Larry gives an evangelistic message directed to unbelievers inviting them to trust Christ. Either prior to or after the morning service, Larry gives a one hour training seminar entitled, “What is So Scary About Evangelism and How Do You Overcome Those Fears?”



"Throughout the past fifteen years Larry Moyer has come to our church and conducted this weekend of evangelistic meetings. Larry’s message is truly biblical and evangelistic. We have seen many make professions of faith in Christ through Larry's ministry!" Pastor Charlie Paine
Lead Pastor
Blue River Bible Church
Kansas City, MO
"As a Pastor, I have hosted many Operation Friendships over the last 20 years. The weekend consists of a non-threatening evangelistic dinner on Saturday night, an evangelistic service on Sunday morning, and a training hour for believers. I can't say enough about the impact these weekends have had on my congregations.

We have seen people come to faith in Christ, new believers added to our church, and our people equipped by Larry with techniques and tools to share the message of the gospel.

Every time we have hosted one of these weekends, Larry has made the gospel very clear. In the training sessions, he handles varying topics, encouraging our people and exhorting them to share the salvation message with others." Dr. Rich McCarrell
Lead Pastor
Byron Center Bible Church
Byron Center, MI

Workplace Evangelism Seminar


Workplace Evangelism is a four-hour seminar for those who see their job as their mission field and want to overcome their two main struggles in witnessing in the workplace—fear and not knowing how. Taught by Dr. R. Larry Moyer, whose D. Min from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is in Business Ethics and Leadership in the Workplace, topics include “Understanding the Message and How to Communicate It,” “How to Pray as You Evangelize,” “Identifying and Developing Relationships with non-Christians,” “How to Turn Conversations to Spiritual Things,” and “How to Use Your Own Testimony in Evangelism.” Each participant receives a seminar notebook as Dr. Moyer teaches each part in his communicative, captivating, and positive style.



"I came to this seminar to learn how to talk to my fellow workers about the Lord and discovered I did not understand the gospel myself. That day I accepted His free gift of eternal life and in addition learned how simply and boldly I could talk to others in the workplace about Christ. This is a seminar everyone who wants to be used of God to evangelize the workplace needs." Wally Gomaa
ACAP Health
"I trust EvanTell to deliver content and programs that are aligned with God’s word. With this in mind, I pulled together a group of friends and business associates to better understand how to effectively share about our relationship with Christ in the workplace. The feedback from the group was fantastic! We all left the program feeling prepared and confident."
Jim Hess
Managing Principal
Leapfrog Executive Search & Leapfrog Executive Services
"The Workplace Evangelism Seminar encourages and equips anyone who wants to take the gospel where they work, play or live. With a clear and compelling presentation of the gospel, a multitude of real life examples and solid answers to every question one might have, participants can begin to see themselves interacting with others, turning conversations to spiritual things and bringing people to Christ as the Holy Spirit leads."
Stephen Lay
Pastor of Adult Ministries & Leadership Development
Wayside Chapel
San Antonio, TX

Pastors’ Conference on Evangelism


Larry gives expositional messages exciting church leaders about evangelism and how through their own example and exhortation their church can become a church that impacts the community for Christ. He then accompanies that with several “How To” sessions designed to equip leaders in how to equip their congregations.



"We have been pleased to have Larry Moyer speak often at our annual Moody Pastors’ Conference. Larry brings over four decades of experience and wisdom to our pastors and they eagerly soak up his training. We find this strategic for our pastors as they are acutely aware of their shortcomings in both personal evangelism and the ability to rightly train their congregations in evangelism. I thank God for Larry Moyer and heartily recommend him."Dr. J. Paul Nyquist
Former President
Moody Bible Institute
Chicago, IL
"With his rural upbringing, passion for hunting and ministry that has taken him to hundreds of rural places, Larry 'gets it'--i.e. he understands the rural context, relates exceptionally well to rural people, has been used of God to lead countless rural people to Christ, and has tailored EvanTell's training to speak to the unique challenge of evangelism in rural areas. For many years, when RHMA has scheduled seminars on evangelism for our small-town pastors' conferences, Larry has been our go-to guy. At the same time in his more than 43 years in evangelism, he has been to large churches in metropolitan areas and can identify with them and their leadrship, as well. He understands the local church wherever it is found." Ron Klassen
Executive Director
Rural Home Missionary Association
Morton, IL
"It was great to work with Larry and the staff at EvanTell in preparing for our pastor’s conference on evangelism. Larry is a gifted evangelist who clearly communicates the gospel and effectively trains others to do the same. Speaking from the overflow of his relationship with Christ and his life experiences, Larry gives pastors exactly what they need to do the work of an evangelist." Doug Schroeder
Executive Director
Crossroads Fellowship of Churches
Bloomington, IN
"Dr. Larry Moyer provided an excellent seminar for our local pastors on the subject of growing local churches through conversion. With the combination of his passion for teaching, many illustrations, practical ideas, notes, and a powerpoint presentation, I didn’t see a single pastor fall asleep! There wasn’t a chance to lose interest in listening. It was filled with practical ideas that challenged our way of doing things and even encouraged us to evaluate our passion for lost souls. I had one pastor mention that he usually throws away the notes afterwards, but these notes he is keeping in his files. Highly recommended!" Greg Miller
Senior Pastor
Calvary Bible Church
Ellerslie, MD


Larry teaches every year in undergraduate and graduate schools on both personal evangelism and evangelistic preaching. His academic credentials as well as more than 40 years of experience give him the credibility he needs to minister to both faculty and students. He is also available as a chapel speaker for a special emphasis on evangelism.


"I have witnessed the impact Larry Moyer and the ministry of EvanTell makes with the training of our students at Dallas Theological Seminary and I have seen his effectiveness in modeling and training for evangelism in the setting of the local church." Dr. Mark L. Bailey
Dallas Theological Seminary
Dallas, Texas
"Dr. Moyer led the 47th Annual Christian Emphasis Week at Judson College. The students, faculty and guests from our community registered gratitude and praise as he extended challenges to us to share the gospel. His sermons and presentations led us in the power of the Holy Spirit to be more intentional in “populating heaven.” Our students appreciated Dr. Moyer’s straightforward and easy-to-follow communication style. Students who participated in the small group evangelism training session felt more empowered to share the gospel because of the method presented and Dr. Moyer’s teaching technique. His staff was incredibly professional. They communicated quickly, were extremely organized, and provided us with everything we needed well in advance of Dr. Moyer’s visit." Dr. David Potts
Former President
Judson College
Marion, AL
"Dr. Moyer’s course on “Evangelistic Preaching” was enthusiastically well received by the class made up of MDIV and THM (in preaching) students. The assignments, exercises and interaction in the classroom was stimulating and stretching. Seasoned pastors and newly minted preachers would benefit from taking a course from Dr. Moyer!" Scott M. Gibson, D.Phil.
Former Professor
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
South Hamilton, MA
"Larry has often been a guest lecturer in my Doctor of Ministry courses, and each time he has done superbly. He establishes rapport with the class at the very beginning. His lectures are crisp, prepared, energetic, and fluid. His expertise shows not only in the excellent notes he provides, but also in the numerous anecdotes and humorous examples from his years in ministry. At the end, he gives the class helpful EvanTell materials and resources for the future. He is, in every way, a stimulating and profitable guest speaker." Donald R. Sunukjian
Professor of Preaching
Chair, Department of Christian Ministry & Leadership
Talbot School of Theology
La Mirada, CA
"Dr. Larry Moyer is a gifted teacher. His expertise and many years of experience as both an evangelist and expositor of the Word of God give him authentic credibility as a guest lecturer. His class notes are well prepared and comprehensive. His content is memorable and practical. He relates to all the members of the class with genuine warmth and handles questions with grace and humor. I could not recommend Dr. Larry Moyer more highly." Roger M. Raymer, D.Min.
Lead Professor for the D.Min. Cohort in Expository Preaching
Dallas Theological Seminary
Dallas, TX

Course Descriptions

Summary of Evangelistic Preaching Course
This course deals with all aspects of evangelistic preaching including its definition, need, the problems and the advantages, as well as the how-to. Clear explanation is given as to how one develops an expository evangelistic message, as well as a topical evangelistic message such as one would give in an after-dinner address. Since one cannot be an evangelistic preacher without being an evangelistic person, emphasis is also given as to what must characterize one’s character, life, and practice before he or she ever steps before a lost audience. Special emphasis will be given as to how to make the gospel of grace understandable and clear to an unbeliever in a public setting.
Summary of Personal Evangelism Course
This course covers every aspect of personal evangelism from how you turn a conversation to spiritual things to how to follow up with a new believer. Students leave knowing how to talk to a non-Christian anywhere with clarity and consistency. The subjects of wisdom, boldness, and prayer are discussed as well as how to respond to questions and objections, how to evangelize cultists, reaching relatives, and evangelizing children.